Mar 03 2017

3 Pieces that are Begging to be Cerused

We cerused a piece for a customer this week and it got us all giddy about doing this finish on everything in sight. It is a premiere finish however, so we like to do it when asked more often than for a piece on the floor. That being said, I’m just going to make some suggestions of pieces we have in our inventory right now that would look insane cerused, and hopefully that will allow us to ceruse everything in sight. If you haven’t read our Before and After: Cerusing, let me explain to you what this finish is that we are talking about!

Cerusing is also referred to as white waxing or lime waxing. We stain the piece and then use a special brush to open up the grain. Then we rub this white wax into the grain and wipe it off. It leaves this incredible pattern by highlighting the grain of the piece. We usually do it with a dark stain like this to allow for the highest contrast between the white wax and the stain, but it could be done in other colors.

So when considering this finish, you need to look at the grain on the piece. Some open up easier than others, and that can be hard to tell from the get. However, grains that really pop now, will likely pop after cerusing. This six-drawer Baker dresser also has a matching tallboy. The grain is SO beautiful. Can’t you picture how amazing this would be cerused?! It’s a great solution when you want to preserve the grain, but aren’t wanting to go with a traditional stained finish.  

We just got these side tables in and it’s likely that by the time you are reading this, they’ve already sold. Aren’t they incredible?! I wanted to put them in my home, but my husband Joe wouldn’t let me. The grain is so beautiful and I love those ring pulls. Ceruse em! 

And for the grand finale- this amazing mid century buffet is what everyone is looking for. Doors doors doors! With that brass hardware polished up and the wood cerused, this baby could be so spectacular. Any of these pieces would still look amazing painted or stained, but don’t forget that cerusing is always an option! I actually do this finish myself and it’s so much fun. The before and after is so rewarding. Below is a picture of a drawer after staining and then after cerusing. Ahh! I love it.


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