Apr 18 2017

4 Bedroom Color Palettes We Love

Needing a little color inspiration this week? Here are some color palettes that we came up with from a few rooms we’ve had a hand in designing!

Photos by Carolina Rodriguez

This design was a collaboration between Centered By Design, Relativity Textiles, Alapash, and South Loop Loft and featured in Rue Magazine. I love the deep purple/gray color and how it pairs with the fuchsia! 

Photos by Carolina Rodriguez

This is a design by Claire of Centered by Design as well. I love her use of color. She has a great eye for powerful combinations that tell a store. She knows how to draw your eye to the most interesting thing in the room first. I think the beautiful headboard really pops because of the wall color she chose to put behind it. 

For my boys’ bedroom here, I went back and forth on the color scheme a lot. I’m really happy with how it turned out though. I love the burnt orange color on the headboards. It gave the room a little more of a camp feel, which is what I was going for. 

This is our master bedroom. I’m big on making the headboard the main pop of color in a bedroom. If it’s interesting, it’s a great place to draw attention, because the bed is likely the focal point of the room! We make these headboards and I love ours so much!

Hope this gives you some color inspiration for your projects this week 🙂

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