Jun 25 2016

4th of July DIY Decor Ideas

If you’re anything like me, Fourth of July is a great time to go all out on a theme. I love theme parties, but rarely have the chance to throw them. The Fourth is a built-in theme party! So if you’re hosting next weekend and feel inspired to theme-ify your home, here are some fun, easy DIYs to get you started.

4th of July Painted Lawn Stars

This project is definitely minimal effort for big impact! If you are planning on having people over in your backyard, you might want to give this DIY a try. Jeannine from The Concrete Cottage said the entire thing took 30 minutes. She used a cardboard star stencil, but I think you could maybe just freehand..? She didn’t mention how long it took for the stars to go away…so best to not go too crazy with these and only do them in the backyard!


I’ve seen a lot of pallet board flags or flags made from streamers, but this is a really unique take on doing a DIY large scale flag! The hitch here is that you have to have or get your hands on a crib mattress spring… I think you could probably create a similar weave in a fence or a baby gate you have.


Pineapples are everywhere lately! Who decides this stuff? I really want to know who decided Pineapples were going to be the “It” fruit of 2016. Anyway, this is a fun centerpiece DIY. Just spray paint some pineapples and stick sparklers out the top!


A lot of the patriotic wreath ideas out there are kind of tacky. Lots of ripped up bandanas and painted clothespins. So, when I came across this idea, I got excited! The best part of this tutorial is that she describes how you can easily change out the little things and adapt it for Christmas!


These yarn tassels look super easy to make…and fun too! After making the tassles, you dip them into bleach to give them the ombre effect. This would be fun to hang across a mantel or drape on a food table.

I love to plan a good party. I love to make fun appetizers and desserts, to spruce up the house and decorate for a theme. It’s fun. However, sometimes, I want everything to be so lovely and perfect for everyone, that I let that become more important that being with my friends and family. That should always be the priority! So when we host, I’ve been trying to do as much as possible beforehand, so that by the time guests arrive, I’m able to sit and chat and be present. Hope you have a great time with loved ones this Fourth!

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