Sep 04 2015

8 Easy Last Minute Labor Day Party Ideas

Labor Day is great because it’s the Memorial day of the fall (technically still summer)!  It gives you a last three-day weekend before the long tumultuous winter. This holiday usually comes right before back to school but for some it’s a wonderful break after the first couple weeks of school.

So here are some ideas to make your labor day party a big hit! You just need some good food, drinks, decor and games!

1.Water balloons – We recently found the water balloons that fill 100 up in minutes.  Our 3 year old goes bananas when we get them.  He loves watching them all pop off and then LOVES throwing them around!  If you’ve never tried these, you have to!  We got ours in the “As Seen On TV” section at Walgreens.images2. Bags – All ages enjoy playing bags. You can buy them just at your local Target or Walmart. If you live in Chicago, the Ace Hardware on Southport has really cool custom ones that are painted with either a sports team or just a cool design.shopping3. Watermelon Keg!  You can make it with alcohol or without.   My Thirst Spot details how to make it.  The watermelon keg is super refreshing and super delicious!watermelon4. Jazz up your drinks with some fruit infused ice cubes! Check out Design Love Fests version of them, they are so pretty!25. Burger/Hot Dog Bar – Keep it simple and do burgers and hot dogs!  We are still in cook out season so milk it for what its worth!  If you’re tired of the bland burger, then add some creativity to it.  Possibly have all the additional sides people can add to their burger to personalize it.  Here are a few ideas…grilled onions, jalapenos, mushrooms, avocados, hot sauce, grilled pineapple, etc. Here is an over the top cool one from B Lovely events!064620349985d762470b8a220a5cd8476. Um, sign me up for these different ways to make corn! I may just make these this weekend because they are so fun and they look scrumptious! Find more amazing things to make here.879b15b6c04b1cb8941ca19944b33e317. Flowers – I love flowers, I love mason jars and I love love love America! These are so simple. See how to make them here.520ffb4ea5ab3b3b4def4b37c3d4d2e38.Puppy Pride – And not feeling preparing meals or decor, just decorate your dog!3777bc2399e8c91132555eabcce2bbc1

Now that you have planned an amazing party let me know how it goes!  We’d love to hear from you!


P.S. Tip someone a little more than normal who serves you this weekend and thank them! Just a fun little gesture so they know they are loved and appreciated!

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