Oct 03 2014

A Little Inspiration – Nurseries

I would say a good chunk of customers who enter our doors are pregnant, just had a child or are newly married. We sell so many to these wonderful people for changing tables, which just makes my heart so happy to share in the room of such beautiful new life!

Being pregnant now and due in December, I am definitely in the nesting period of wanting my toddler in his new room and the nursery complete. That’d be nice if it were that easy to squeeze time in to get that done between working and spending time snuggling and playing trucks and choo choos. Needless to say we are far behind in the room switching game, but it has led me to go bonkers on Pinterest finding cool nurseries for inspiration.

For our first son, we went with more of an industrial rustic nursery, but for this one we want a nursery that is a little more neutral in palette. Here is a mix of different nurseries that I am in love with and I hope you enjoy them too!

All nurseries can be found and followed to their original site through our pinterest page!

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose





Also, have you seen the website Animal Prints? She has the coolest animal prints and blog. Check it out for great inspiration too!


Which nursery is your favorite? We have several of these styles and can finish them any way you please, so call us for a little chat if you’re needing one or stop by either of our locations (check for hours first though)!


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