Feb 03 2015

A Little Inspiration – Two-Tone

One of the most fun things about shopping at MegMade is that there are endless options for customization. To some that can feel like being a kid in a candy store, to others it feels overwhelming and they need a lot of guidance.

We are fans of all of the pieces we get in! We love all styles and finishes, but one of our favorites is two tone. Whether it is two tones of paint or wood and paint. We think it is fun and adds dimension to the piece.

Here are a few that we found on Pinterest. To see more of our dresser inspiration and where we got these photos from, click here.

2015-02-03_0001 2015-02-03_0002 2015-02-03_0003 2015-02-03_0004 And, one of the best ways to pick one of our finishes is to see our previous work. Here are a few examples of two tone, but to see more you can visit our Pinterest, Facebook, etsy, or shop page!

2015-02-03_0005 2015-02-03_0006 2015-02-03_0007


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