A little lamp love…

So I used to work for this awesome organization called By The Hand (more on that later). I worked with this awesome guy named Jason. He led a team of 23 kids from Englewood on the south side of Chicago holistically – mind, body and soul. He truly transformed the lives of kids and I respect him and his servant-likeness (sp?) 

Anyway, a friend posted about his new business the other day and I was so excited that I could be his first customer. He is INSANELY talented and way too inexpensive for how cool his stuff is. His company name is Snowbird Furnishings. He has a website or you can buy on his ETSY account. 

Here are some pictures of the lamps he is making. I bought the Crossbar Table Lamp.

He is an awesome guy and would love your business, so help him out!

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