Jun 29 2016

Adding a Kitchen Backsplash! Frustrations + Tutorial

Since we have painted our cabinets and LOVE them we decided it was time to add a backsplash. We wanted to do something that looked clean, went well with our kitchen and was inexpensive.

We found exactly what we were looking for at Menards! We found some glass mosaic tile for under $2.50 a sheet. If you have ever shopped for tile you know it typically ranges between $10-$12 if you go to the big box stores like Lowes, Home Depot or Menards. We didn’t really measure it out completely so we purchased 30 sheets thinking the space wouldn’t be bigger than 300 square feet.

To simplify the process we only installed full sheets.  We did this because we’d just do the tile cuts at the end and then install those pieces by piece.


We had a little help installing the tiles!


As we started nearing the finish line, we noticed we were several sheets short!!!


We panicked for a little bit because our Menards was completely out of the tiles we had bought and they are discontinued. The good news was that there were still a few out there, at a few stores in the Chicago area. But after calling a couple, they told us that they don’t do inner Chicagoland transfers. Awesome.

This was pretty frustrating but we finally got a break through! We found 10 at a Menards in Danville, IL. This was 3 hours away but the manager was coming to Chicago for a concert, so they drove them to the store in Tinley Park for us.

So this Friday we’re gonna pick them up and finish up the tiling!

I hope you see that our projects rarely work exactly as planned. Sometimes it’s about the finished product and not the process!




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