Allen Field House…#12

There are a few schools who are more well known for their school spirit than others. I would say, based off of experience, the top 5 in my circle of friends of people who are a little obnoxious about their school spirit are…Texas A&M, Ohio State, Duke, Penn State and KU. So most people who didn’t go to KU don’t really understand our love for our school. We do! And…it is warranted because it is pretty much the most awesome university in America. Nice people, good academics, beautiful campus…and did I mention an AMAZING basketball team! 

Well KU fans, we no long have to brag about how our basketball stadium is the best in the country anymore, Business Insider is doing it for us.  Out of the top 100 venues in the world for watching sports, KU is number 12! Not only that, but it is the first one ranked for college basketball arenas! In case you are doubting my honesty, here is the article

This is how they determined which made the top 100 list:

“In order to determine which sporting venues are the cream of the crop, they developed a three-category system and awarded each a number from one to 10, with 10 being the best.

The first category is architecture/ambiance/aesthetics. It critiques what every stadium brings to the table structurally. Older grounds may have outdated architecture, but they make up for that with an environment that makes watching the sport even better.

The second category, “History,” is an aggregate score of the historical importance of the team, the games played at the stadium, and the venue itself. Some of the stadiums on the list are quite new, which brought down their scores. Don’t worry Yankees fans, your new stadium will score highly in this category soon.

The final category is “passion.” How much do the fans care about the team who plays there? The roar of the crowd can do more for a stadium than almost anything.”

So, KU fans, when people make fun of us for our pride, just point them to this article!

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