… another fabulous dresser redo!

The second Union Jack dresser we made went like a hot cake to this really nice Polish man in the South Loop. He was so nice and surprised his wife with the dresser. She loved it so much she asked us to redo another one of their dressers. It was hard because the dresser was already pretty nice and I feared it wouldn’t look as good, but oh was I wrong. It is a beauty!

Here is the before. The crazy thing is I think this dresser is REALLY old. It was hand planned and only had nails, no screws and the handles were OLD school! Each knob took like 45 minutes to remove! Did I mention it weighs like a million pounds!

Here are the handles. Do you see the silver around the knob? They have like 25 nails ahhhhhhh!

Here is me going crazy taking them all out! I should be a hand model. Just kidding, my hands are like twice the size they should be for my height. I can palm a basketball, just saying!

And here she is now! What do you think?

Isn’t the color fabulous!

And we found these handles on another piece of furniture. They are OH so amazing!

and I feel like this is a blog about dressers. I promise we will do something else soon 🙂

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