Baby’s milestone book idea

Out of a failure came a brilliant idea! So, I have been wanting to at the end of his first year make a coffee table book with pix. I was going to take a picture of him in a white onesie every month and put a number on it and have that be the beginning of each month marker. You know the idea, you see it all over etsy and Facebook.  Well, month 2 and 3 didn’t get a white onesie…hence the failure! 

So, new plan. I have pictures of the lil’ man in favorite outfits from each month…scratch that, probably everyday! So, I am going to take  a favorite picture from each month and add a number to it. That way not only am I documenting his growth, but also my favorite outfits of his as he grows through them like MAD! Also, I am going to keep track of his height, weight and some fun milestones and put those in the book. Who knows, he is a boy and probably will think it is dumb when he is older, but at least I will love it 🙂

Poor baby number 2 and however many after that, they probably won’t get any of this. Stinks to be the second!

So here is a catch up and then we will do monthly from here on out!

Week 1:

Weight: 7 lbs.
Height: 21 in.
Milestone: made it home and still alive 🙂
Favorite things: sleep
My thoughts: I don’t really know if I had any, I was just completely taken over by my love for him and that is all I could think about!

Month 1:

Weight:9 lbs.
Height: 22 in.
Milestones: holding his head up
Favorite things: mommy!
My thoughts: God is so amazing to be able to create life within life. It has been truly the most amazing month watching this little boy grow and learn everyday. What a gift, thank you Lord! I have loved feeding him in the middle of the night and watching him eat while he sleeps and just holding him, what an amazing feeling to hold the life that you created. While I cherish the moments of this early stage, I look forward to the next milestones!

Month 2:

Weight: 11.75 lbs.
Height: 23.75 in.
Milestones: holding his head up, following me when I walk around the room, smiling
Favorite things: mommy!
My thoughts: What a trooper to withstand all of the travel that month 2 brought. He was so easy going and easy! Praise the Lord! I love watching him grow and learn more now. He interacts and looks at me now, what an amazing feeling. Wonder what he is thinking about!

Month 3:

Weight: Forgot to weigh him 🙁
Height: Forgot to measure him 🙁
Milestones: standing up and sitting up on my lap, giggling, talking, grabbing toys, sleeping through the night!
Favorite things: we now have a daddy’s boy and I’m ok with that. I love that they have such a strong bond!
My thoughts: I am often overcome with tears of joy when I pray for him while I am holding him and just think of the blessing that God gave me with him. To think of the amazing deserving women in my life who have been unable to have kids yet, just makes me so humbled to have such an amazing boy. I love looking at him giggle with his mouth wide open when we lay him on the big bed or change him. Or how, when his daddy gets home from work, he just lights up. It is so fun to talk back and forth with him in baby language. Oh, what a gift!

Month 4 is right around the corner and I PROMISE to update 🙂
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