1 Bedroom Design, 2 Budgets

It’s hard to know what’s important to spend money on, and where you can save some dollars when decorating. We put together a fake bedroom design to show you some ways to save (feel free to create this bedroom- I’d love to see it come to life!)

Budget $3500

Coming in at $3400, we made it within this fake person’s budget!

Here’s what we choose:

=$3,367 + tax

The only changes we made here were changing the wallpaper to paint, swapping out the side tables, sconces, and dresser. The rest is the same, and I think you still maintain the same vibe as the more expensive version! This room meets a $2000 budget (before tax and any shipping or installation costs).

  • Paint– Farrow & Ball Cornforth White, $100
  • Dresser– MegMade $750 + stain ($75)
  • Side tables– Target, $75 each
  • Sconces– World Market, $60 each 


For a total savings of $1400!

We have some incredible pieces to play with for a bedroom board right now- lots of cool headboards, dressers, and side tables. Stop by and we will come up with something awesome for your budget!

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