3 Bar Carts to Suit Your Style

It’s no secret, bar carts are all the rage. But do you ever feel like they all sort of look the same? Brass cart, gold details on top, cutesy accessories. If you’re looking for a more unique set up, we created three inspiration boards for you with a few of our bar carts. We actually have a lot of great bar cart options in right now if you’re looking for a unique look!


This bar cart is so beautiful. And, like any good bar cart, it’s on casters so you can just roll it around with you This is imagining it with a walnut stain with the top drawer painted in flat black to make that Hepplewhite hardware pop.

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This cart we have is definitely not a typical style for us. Sometimes, we get great pieces in that are not in our usual rolodex, but we take it anyway because it’s awesome. This could be a cool entryway piece or, as we have shown here, a rockin’ bar cart. While gold styling would look equally fierce, I wanted to see if a copper color scheme could work and I think it looks cool!

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What’re you waiting for friends? I would put this bar cart in my home right now if I had a spot for it. We refinished this one already in emerald green. We asked you for the color on Facebook live a week or two ago and this is what won! It could be styled in a variety of ways, but black and gold seem to fit so naturally with the emerald.

Sources: glasses, tray, lamp, print, juju hat, bar cart 

Hope this inspires you to create a bar cart that’s totally unique to your style!

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