3 Pieces Reimagined with Metal Bases

This past year, we started offering custom metal bases as a way to give some of our vintage pieces a little lift. It has been a great option for some of our customers. To add a custom base to a dresser, you’re looking at an additional $200-$450 to the refinishing cost. To give you some inspiration, check out these mockups of pieces we currently have in our inventory!

This buffet is amazing. It has all doors, which is a feature many of our customers want. The current finish is so ugly, but painted in black and given some metal ski legs like these, this piece could be so sexy. It’s a really solid piece. It could look great with this style of legs or the full base, seen below.

This dresser is so unique! It’s a mid century piece and has tons of good storage. It could be a great dresser in a master bedroom or even as a changing table in a nursery! Here is a mockup of the piece painted in a matte slate gray, with new hardware pulls from Forge Hardware Studio, and a custom full metal base painted in black.

We’ve had this piece before and we refinished the top drawers in wood and painted the rest in a slate gray. This go around, I could see a lot of beautiful finishes working, but I would love to see it raised up with a metal base. I would spray it brass to match the brass hardware on the piece. It’s fun to do something different on the top drawers because they are naturally sectioned off from the rest of the piece.

Let us know if you want to add a metal base and we can give you a quote for what it would cost!

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