3 Times When New Hardware Made All the Difference

While we usually attempt to preserve and manipulate the existing hardware, there are some instances where changing out the vintage hardware does wonders to a piece. It can give it a whole new look. But don’t be fooled! It can be very tricky to find hardware that is just the right size and shape for your piece. If you go modern and straight on a curvy piece, it can fight the piece and vice versa. But we thought we’d show you a few times when changing the hardware just worked.

This side table is part of a pair and was designed by Crystal Blackshaw, our interior designer. She changed out the vintage hardware for these straight brass pulls from Forge Hardware Studio and they are so subtle and perfect. 

This is what this next piece looked like before we refinished it. The transformation is so stunning! In this case, I didn’t love the original wood pulls. I think it was the right move to replace them. This piece was designed by Claire of Centered By Design

I think it was really smart that she chose to go with pulls that closely reflected the originals. They are straight and simple and are similar in color even! The leather pulls definitely update the piece and give them a unique look. 

A good rule of thumb is to try and replicate the size and general shape of the original hardware. It was designed with that hardware for a reason and usually is perfectly scaled to the size of the piece.

This is the before picture for this entryway console. It is hard to tell but it had little ring pulls originally. They weren’t bad, but the hardware that replaced them is so cute and adds a little extra flair in the details of the piece.
These little knobs are also from Forge Hardware Studio. We love their hardware and refer a lot of our customers to them. The pieces are really solid and have good weight to them, which is important when looking at new hardware.

As always, we are happy to advise if you have questions on hardware for a piece you’d like to customize!

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