3 Ways to Mix Styles in the Bedroom

In the house you grew up in, you might have had an entire bedroom set. Matching side tables to match the headboard to match the dresser….no thanks! I’m always a proponent of mix and matching styles when it comes to furniture. Sometimes it is hard for people to figure out how to do this, so we thought we’d give you some examples of bedroom combos that work with all different style combinations.

Pieces: Headboard (mocked up in Farrow and Ball Pitch Blue) Side Tables (mocked up in Farrow and Ball Pointing) Dresser (restored)

I tend to go with one curvier piece and two pieces with straighter lines. If two pieces don’t match exactly, I like to make sure the style is significantly different. I would usually not choose two Frenchy side tables and a non-matching Frenchy dresser to put in the same space.

Pieces: Headboard (mocked up in white) Side Tables (mocked up in black) Dresser (mocked up in cherry stain)

As far as color choices go, you have a couple options! You can go with all different finishes, or give two pieces the same finish to tie them together. The only thing I would always recommend is having a mix of painted furniture and wood tone furniture. In all of these examples, I chose one piece to be stained and painted the others. You could also choose to mix wood stains and have just one painted piece. More on that in a future blog

Pieces: Headboard (restored) Side Tables (mocked up in Farrow and Ball Hague Blue) Dresser (mocked up in white)

As you can see, I’m always trying to combine a Frenchy/curvy piece with a simpler, modern piece and then a third somewhere in between. Hope this helps as you envision how to bring a variety of pieces together in your space!

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