4 Questions to Ask When Buying Furniture

When you go furniture shopping, it’s important to consider function as much as aesthetic. Here are some good questions to ask yourself when looking for the perfect piece for your needs.

What types of things am I going to be storing in this piece?Wet Look in black

Are you going to be putting a cable box inside the piece? If so, it’s best to measure the box to know how large a shelf you need for it. You can actually store cable boxes behind doors or drawers by buying an IR cord and placing it somewhere the remote can easily reach.

If you’re using the piece for dishes, you might want doors instead of drawers to make for easier storing.

Do you want something to be on display? You might look for something that has open shelving or doors that could be removed to create open shelves.

When will I be using this piece?

white and brass base

If you are looking for a changing table, you’re going to want something with drawers that open with one handle instead of two You’ll want to consider the height too. Between 31″-34″ is ideal. We have some ways to add an inch or two to pieces that need a little boost.

Are you going to be using it every day or once in a blue moon? Everyday pieces wouldn’t be ideal finished in the “wet” high gloss look unless you want to be wiping for finger prints constantly. However, if it is a piece that will rarely be touched, that wet look can add amazing interest to a room.

Who will be using this piece?


If the answer is children, this introduces a whole new set of considerations. The wet look is not recommended…again…fingerprints. If you’re doing upholstery, choosing darker fabric or something with a tight pattern will help hide stains.

Our furniture can last a lifetime, so you should think about what you’re going to want in the years to come. If you are getting your first apartment and think you might want to move somewhere with more space in a few years, it’s nice to buy pieces that can be repurposed into a different room later on. Choosing neutral paint colors might be preferable to bolder choices that will leave you feeling stuck.

What will be on top of this piece?

1013-02150 33x19x31 Smythe (1 of 4) finished

Lamps, drinks, food…? This consideration matters more for the finish of the piece. All of our pieces are painted with grade 5 paint- the highest quality of paint you can buy. However, if you are going to be putting a lot of hot plates on a piece, you might consider getting a glass top cut.

If you have other questions or concerns, we have a lot of advice to give. But hopefully this gives you some good ideas of what to look for!

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