4 Stain & Paint Combos We Love

Some pieces scream for a paint and stain combo. Usually, these pieces are mid century styles because of the clean lines and delineations that make it easy to combine different finishes. We mocked up some different versions of the same piece, so you could see a few different variations that we love!All of these finishes would also look great flipped- putting the stain on the outside casing and painting the doors and drawers. This piece is one of our very first MegMade produced pieces too, so this exact piece could be yours.

White and Dark Walnut


We do the white and dark walnut combo a lot on mid century pieces. It is a great way to stick with neutrals AND make a statement. It is hard to choose between a neutral color choice and something that’s more unique and fun. We do mostly neutrals around here because you’re less likely to get sick of it! It is good to build a base of neutrals in your house and then decorate with pops of color. However, we have some amazing examples of the opposite choice. There are some beautiful interior designs that hinge on a red dresser or a lime green piece. It can be fun to have a bright statement piece too. Which brings us back to this combo. White and dark walnut are neutral colors, but when put together, the piece becomes a little more unique and interesting.

BM Guacamole and Dark Walnut 

We had a customer design a piece with this combo and it turned out so amazing! The Benjamin Moore Guacamole color is beautiful and looks great on furniture. We are always excited when a customer chooses a color we’ve never done before, because then we get to see what it looks like. This risk was well worth taking- we’d love to do another piece in this color! Pairing it with a dark walnut stain helps to contain the color. It can be helpful to have that stain to tone-down the effect of a bolder color choice. You still get that pop of color, but the entire piece isn’t green.

Black and Light Walnut sp-2

This is another good neutral option for a stain and paint combo. We like to choose two finishes that have decent contrast to one another. So if we are going with a black casing, we want to choose a lighter stain. We’ve found that tiny rule of thumb works well for us when choosing finishes.

BM Marine Blue and Light Walnutsp-1

This is how we actually refinished this piece. It was voted on by our Facebook followers during a live video. It is available for purchase! I love how it turned out. We’ve never done this combo before and it might be a new favorite. The Benjamin Moore Marine Blue is a beautiful, rich color and looks great paired with the light walnut stain. Like any of these finishes, it would also look really spectacular with the doors and drawers painted in Marine Blue and the outside stained.

I love these combinations! They are so fun to do. Hopefully this gives you some good inspiration for your next piece.

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