5 Color Schemes for Any Room of the House

You know how I came up with these color combinations? I found inspiration of designs that just worked and sourced the colors using my handy eye dropper Chrome plugin. Inspiration images included bedspreads, a decorative clipboard, a rug, and a painting. You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again, anything can be inspiration! I had a friend bring in a butter tray from Anthropologie as inspiration the other day. She wanted to pull colors from it. Find one item you love and go from there. Search Pinterest, use the plugin, create a scheme you love. But if that all sounds like work, here are five combinations we put together and we think are pretty awesome.

Muted Floral
color schemes clipboard

Updated Nautical color schemes blues and bronze

Feminine Antique  color schemes uo

Joyful Tropical  

color schemes green pink

Modern Victorian color schemes navy.blush.moss

When in doubt,  choosing two complimentary colors you love and then incorporating different shades of those two colors is a great way to build a color scheme. Happy coloring!

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