5 trends I can get behind in 2019

The new year brings new beginnings and fresh ideas. It’s a time where we reflect on the year before and what was good and then leave behind the bad. We get excited about what the future holds for the new year. New goals are made for things such as diet/exercise, dating, focus, etc. The home front is no exception. Home trends change each year and here are 5 trends that I think will be big in 2019 and that I can fully get behind.

1. More color

The last few years have been years of neutrals. Don’t get me wrong, I love a neutral room, but color makes me happy. It brings out creativity in me and makes me feel at home. Too much color gives me anxiety, but too littler color doesn’t feel at home. The perfect mix is what is in store for 2019.

Source: Sarah Montgomery

Source: ReThink Studio

2. Four Poster Beds

Growing up my parents had a four poster bed and I loved it. And then they went away for like 2 decades. Now, they are back with a vengeance in every shape and size and I could not be happier about it! Enjoy these beauties!

Source: Desire to Inspire

Source: Amy Sklar Design

3. Floral Wallpaper

It’s kind of funny. I have had a few clients that have purchased super old homes to gut and redo. Just about every single one has had floral wallpaper plastered to it and it has been so hard to remove! Thankfully, wallpaper has come a long way and getting it up and down is a cinch. I love a good floral and man are they back!

Source: Unknown

Source: Amber Interiors

4. Statement Ceilings

Wallpapered ceilings became a thing a few years back, but you are seeing them more and more. I love how interest doesn’t just need to be at eye level anymore, it makes you look up. I am also a big fan of painting above chair rail! Have a slanted roof, wallpaper, shiplap or paint is so fun, as you see below. As long as you don’t have super low ceilings, it is a great idea.

Designed by us and photographed by Aimee Mazzenga

Source: House of Jade Interiors

Source: Hanley Development

5. Sustainable Pieces

Being conscious of the environment is a noble idea and it is making its way into design as well. You will see more items made with sustainable materials like clay, jute and recycled plastic this year. They are also ways to make people feel more grounded in their home by using environmental elements.

Another way to be sustainable is by shopping vintage. MegMade literally takes pieces that would fill our landfills and gives them new life in a beautiful home.


I am super excited about where 2019 is headed! I think it is going in the right direction!

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