5 Wall Decor Ideas

I think when I was first decorating our apartment, the biggest struggle was to figure out what to put on the walls! You don’t want to buy stock art from World Market or Target- that’s not appealing. You don’t want to leave them blank. You think you can just DIY something- so you search for tutorials and Pin them and then never do them….or is it just me? Wall decor can make or break a room- don’t forget about it and don’t forget to budget for it! Here are some ideas of ways to fill the vertical space in a room.

1. Matching Frames

We bought these frames from West Elm to create this small vignette in our bedroom. We chose to do wallpaper here, which helps fill a wall all on it’s own. I didn’t feel we needed a lot on this wall, but I didn’t want to just leave it empty, so these were a good option. Another way to do this is to buy frames that are all just the same color, but different styles. You can also spray frames to make them all the same color. But making a gallery wall have some element in framing that ties them all together is always best. As you can see, the content is all different, so having matching frames helps make it go together.

2. Mirrors

I love adding mirrors on the walls- we honestly have so many in our home. Mirrors are great because they bounce light and make the room appear bigger. As you can see, this mirror is across from windows, so it is in the best position it can be to reflect that light! We have a while wall of mirrors right the right of this vignette too.

3. Large Prints

I love this print for our boys’ room. We found this one at Schoolhouse Electric and had it framed by Framebridge. Doing a print is often more cost effective than buying a piece of art, but can make a bold statement and fill a bigger space! Remember, the amount of money you spend buying a bunch of smaller things to fill a space could equal just as much as it costs to buy one big piece.

4. Juju Hats

You may have noticed that I have a few of these feathered hats in my home.  They are so fun! They are called Juju hats and are great on walls- they come in many colors. You can find them on Etsy or at flea markets. It’s a great way to add some personality and texture to a wall. I have this large one over my fireplace and then a smaller pink one in my bedroom, over one of my nightstands.

5. Collections

This is sort of a spin off of a gallery wall. I had found a few of these really cool gold mirrors and so then I decided to make it a collection wall of cool gold things (mostly mirrors)! It was a large space and I wanted to make it special. We covered the wall with grasscloth and then hung this assortment.

Eventually I hope we will have more of an art collection, but for now, I think we’ve found some good, affordable ways to deck out our walls!

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