5 ways to customize furniture

One of the reasons why I just adore painted furniture is there are so many ways to customize it! Many times, when you are looking for the perfect piece, you are not going to find it in a big box store because it might not be the right color or size or style. When you are customizing vintage, you can think out of the box and find the perfect for your space.

1. Color

One of the obvious reasons that people love customizable furniture is the control over the color. When a room calls for a piece of furniture that is not stained, white or black, it becomes difficult to find. By refinishing pieces in a new color, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities.

Match it to your wallpaper

Wallpaper is so popular and so so fun! Why not customize a piece of furniture to one of the colors in the paper.

I love how Hundley Hilton matched this side table to the pink in the Abigal Borg wallpaper.

Source: Hundley Hilton









Pop of color among neutrals

Decorating with mostly neutrals and having small pops of color is totally in. People love white walls these days, which give perfect canvases for a great pop of color on the furniture!

Wendy Mauro, a designer out of South Carolina, customized one of our vintage pieces in this beautiful clay red color. Doesn’t the color work beautifully with the rest of the room?

Source: Wendy Mauro






2. Stain

So many pieces of furniture that are handed down to my generation are not ideal stains. Although in the right room red mahogany can be beautiful, it is typically not ideal.

We find ourselves re-staining many heirlooms and vintage pieces in different colors. 

Whether a gentle restore to clean it up, changing the sheen or changing the stain color all together, we are fans! We love seeing the natural grain and brining it back to life.

Below is a piece that was sourced by Crystal Blackshaw. It was scratched badly and the finish was coming off. We refinished the pieces, while maintaining the character.

Source: Crystal Blackshaw



3. Sheen

The sheen of a piece can set the mood of the room. Typically the high sheen is considered more formal.

The lower sheens can be very sophisticated, but are not as formal.

Here is a gorgeous changing table that we did in piano sheen for a client of designer Alex Kaehler. The high gloss gray against the gold wrapped base is quite fun and eye-catching for this little boys nursery!

source: Alex Kaehler






4. Height

One of the biggest issues that we face with vintage pieces is the height of them. People today prefer taller pieces.

We love adding custom metal bases or different legs to vintage pieces.

Some of my favorite transformations have had their height altered.

This campaign vanity that we stained for Plain and Posh received an uplift, literally The 8 inch base made it the perfect one-of-a-kind vanity for this perfect bathroom.

Source: Plain and Posh










5. Hardware

I have to admit, one of my favorite aspects of vintage furniture, is its hardware. However, with that said,

sometimes it is missing and sometimes, new hardware on a vintage piece is just really stinking amazing.

We love working with our friends behind the Yellow Brick Home blog. When they asked us to bleach a mahogany dresser, we agreed to attempt. Sometimes bleaching a piece can go very wrong. However, this one turned out beautiful and the new hardware on this vintage piece is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Source: Yellow Brick Home









I love what I do. I get to take beautiful vintage pieces and creatively help people re-imagine them! What do you need help re-imagining?!?

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