5 ways to maximize small living spaces

I always say, your home is your palace. It is that one place you go to and feel like you have something to hold on to when the world is moving so quickly . It is the place you can sit and unwind in peace. However, decorating it can be a daunting task. While it is your home, and you can do whatever you like, it is still that place that defines your style and likings the most. People will come to your home and you want your home to reflect your style.

Your furniture will also have a lot of say in what people think about your style – do you emit traditional, mid century, boho or a combo of all. One thing is for sure; not everyone has a lot of money to have the most expensive furniture and you don’t need to have the most expensive to be stylish and curated. I have learned that even expensive pieces of décor can look cheap if placed poorly. For city dwellers like myself, many homes feature small living spaces. Here are a couple of tips that have worked for me when decorating small spaces over the years.

Choose furniture that serves more than one purpose

Think about it, when you have small furniture that serve different purposes, they consume a lot of space. When you need to maximize a room, the best way to do it is to get a piece of furniture that can serve multiple purposes. I am big fan of bigger furniture, but less furniture. Have the TV console also be where you hide toys or the dining room buffet also be big enough to store that blasted crock pot that can’t fit in the kitchen. And, layer your furniture. Get a console that is big enough to have an ottoman or two underneath it for extra seating or a basket for toys and/or blankets. In this case, our living room credenza also holds our scarves, mittens and so much more.

Edit, always

I am a purger by nature. There are very few things in my house that I would have trouble replacing. My husband jokes that our house is a revolving door. Not with anything breathing of course (except the guinea pig, but that is another story), but anything inanimate is fair game for replacing. This is me, but for many, a considerable issue is attachment. It’s fair to have some pieces that you love and don’t want to get rid of, but then just move them into a different room or edit what is around them. So many rooms can get stagnant because of attachment to things that really just need to go or move. The way we keep our house curated and fresh is the one in and one out rule. When one item gets in, we ensure another goes. This is a tip that has helped us stay neater over the years and only keep the items that matter to us. When you do not hang on to items, you have more space in your rooms to keep them classy and beautiful. In a few simple words, jut Marie Kondo the place regularly and keep what sparks joy!

Wall mirrors

This is not a tip that can help you with any storage issues you have, but it is a great way to make your room look bigger. Mirrors bounce light deep into rooms making them look bigger. It is an excellent way to trick the eye. It’s called optical illusion, and it is fun to pull off! To make it work, ensure that you use light or bright colors that contrast to make the room look even bigger.

Choose furniture with legs

Low bulky furniture can make the room look smaller. If you choose a couch or coffee table that has air underneath it, it gives the illusion of a bigger room because you can see underneath it. Our formal living is TINY. I chose a couch that has long legs, chairs that you can see underneath and a coffee table that is simple. It gives the illusion that our living room is bigger than it is. That combined with a big mirror is a winning combination.

Source: Mitzi Maynard

Paint adjoining rooms the same color

If you have a small home or a home with many small rooms, I suggest painting all rooms that are in the same line of sight the same color. If you paint each room a different color, it creates an end point to that room. By painting them all the same color it tricks the eye into thinking it’s continuous, thus making the space feel bigger. If you want a different color, go for the bathroom or the bedroom, keep the main living spaces the same color. I promise, it makes it seem so much larger. Then use either your furniture, rugs or art as the pops of color.

source: Keep Decor

Same color, different sheen

Another great trick. If you paint your wall in Benjamin Moore Decorators White satin, then have your furniture painted in the same color but either in dull or gloss. It makes an awesome visual impact while also making it seem to blend into the wall, again making the space feel bigger.

source: Fixa Dona


Granted, decorating and maximizing space in small rooms is tough- sweat breaking even! However, when you have the right information, it is easy to work and ensure you get the most from small rooms. The tips in this article will make your work easier. They are also great for families and individuals who want to redecorate on a budget.

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