6 Bolster Pillows That Make a Statement

If you were wondering, I am a BIG fan of the bolster pillow. I have one on my bed (pictured above) and it’s one of my favorite things in my bedroom. This uniquely shaped pillow can be used to add a pop of color on your bed. Here are some of my favorite examples of how to use a bolster pillow to make a statement.

(image from Decor Pad)

In this room, these two smaller bolster pillows are THE pop of color. Your eye goes first to these beautiful, lush velvet pillows and then to the rest of the details. The shape of a bolster pillows is dynamic because the roundedness creates different tones within the fabric. We have a very nice gradient going on with these two because of how shadows and highlights are at play on a curved surface.

(image from Swoon Worthy)

In this design, the bolster pillow is certainly eye-catching, but isn’t necessarily the focal point. It definitely stands out among the other throw pillows, which is important for the bolster pillow to do because it is in front after all! I love the cheetah print.

(image from Cup of Jo)

On this beautiful bed, we have a similar strategy as the previous one. The print is the boldest of the throw pillows, but we definitely have a mixing of patterns. This is a fun way to change up the look of the room regularly without spending a lot. The white bedspread and camel headboard create a neutral playing space!

(image from My Domaine)

Sometimes, the pop of color in a room is still a very muted color. It doesn’t have to be the bright green of the first picture to make a statement. For this soft, neutral room, a light blush pillow still draws your attention because the things around it are all gray and white. That headboard is amazing!

(image from Style Me Pretty)

In this image, the kilim pattern on the bolster pillow is definitely a showstopper! This is an extreme pop of colors. I love how a bolster pillow can be the main event in a bedroom. On this bed, there aren’t even a lot of other decorative pillows. If you’re only going to invest in one pillow, a bolster might be your best bet! We make custom bolster pillows out of any fabric you bring us or order through us. They range from about $55-$70. We’d love to make one for you

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