6 ways to decorate with the color green

What I have noticed about myself is that I dress with the same colors I decorate with. I love neutrals and basics and then I use a few colors that are go to’s in my life to jazz it up a bit. I am like everyone else and love blue and black, but you know what I have noticed lately, I veer towards green! I freaking love green and I am so glad that it is totally always on trend. Maybe it’s my green eyes, maybe it is that green is supposed to invoke the feeling of growth and renewal or maybe it is just calming, who knows. All I know is that I have gravitated to green my whole life. Here’s some ways to incorporate green into your life!

1. Paint

Duh, the most obvious answer on how to incorporate green into your aesthetic is through paint. Whether a piece of furniture, accent wall, the entire room or on cabinetry, it is a great way to distinguish the room. You can go with a light sage green or bold with a dark green, like we did in our bedroom. No matter the way you choose, it feels serene and I love it.

This piece in our living room was striped and wire brushed so that you could see the grain well. We then painted it in deep emerald green and cleaned the hardware.

Source: photo taken of our room by Yellow Brick Home

Source: Lonny Magazine

Source: Jillian Harris

2. Plants

I am so glad that faux plants have come so far because this lady right here is a straight up plant murderer. No matter how hard I try, I give them too much or too little water and sunshine. I have literally killed 3 fiddle trees, 3 folks. And they aint cheap! So, though I am all for real plants (more power to you), fake plants do the trick too! Here is how plants can be the perfect hint of green in any style in any climate!

Source: Paper and Stitch

Source: Jette Creative

Source: Kate Marker Interiors

3. Wallpaper

If you know me personally you know I will never say no to adding wallpaper to just about anything. I love a bold wallpaper for a statement but also a grasscloth just for some added texture. I have convinced several peeps into wallpaper and wallpaper with green in it is a go for sure!

Source: Coco Kelley

Source: Diane Bergeron

4. Art

Art is one of my favorite ways to bring color into a room. Whether it is a vintage oil or a beautiful print, you can’t go wrong.

5. Upholstery

Whether an accent chair, a sofa, a headboard or just a pillow, green is always a safe and beautiful pop of color as you can see below. Emerald velvet is especially lovely in my opinion.

Source: Brady Tolbert

*Photo taken by Matthew Bowie of our showroom featuring a gorgeous green velvet sofa.

Source: Little Green Notebooks office. Love the green leather chairs.

6. Accessories

Accessories are perfect ways to incorporate green! I love using colorful book bindings and ceramics to add that extra pop of green.



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