7 Fall Traditions in Chicago

Fall is my favorite season!  I LOVE fall clothes, weather, colors and just about anything else associated with Fall!  Chicago has unlimited things to do in all seasons but here are a couple of the fall events/destinations that are a must.
Although none of these are in particular order I would definitely rate Bengstons as number 1.  This place has it ALL!  You don’t even have to have kids to go here although having kids makes it more fun.  They have pumpkin donuts that are out of this world, farm animals from all reaches of the globe, pig races, pumpkins for days, a ginormous corn seed area and enough to keep you and your kids attention for hours.  I know I previously mentioned this but they have LLAMAS and EMUS!
If you’re not running it in or don’t know someone running it no worries.  Even though the city shuts down for 5 hours this event is amazing.  There are tens of thousands of runner and if you’ve ever seen it people just keep coming and coming and coming.  My husband whose run in it told me it feels like you’re professional athlete because you have strangers saying your name and cheering you on.  So instead of cursing bad traffic be a stranger and cheer other strangers on!
I wouldn’t recommend it for adolescent kids but back in the day when my nephew (whose 6’10”) was younger and smaller would come visit us we’d totally head here.  He loved it!  Its definitely something we look forward to as our kids get older.  But expect fun times and maybe to get at least a little scared.
At the end of fall you have to go to Zoolights.  Typically the zoo closes early but in the fall they keep it open till 9pm!  You can get some warm apple cider and walk around and see all the animals.  Zoo lights is the best!
Bring your lederhosen and get ready to drink and eat Bavarian beer, brats and pretzels!  It’s only one weekend but worth a visit it.  This year its Friday September 29 – Sunday, October 01.  There are actives for kids and its fun to experience Chicago’s rich German culture.
For all those who want to venture outside of Chicago/Costco to get their tree there is the annual cutting down of the Christmas Tree.  And yes we’re doing it this year and yes we’ll document it (possibly film it).  More details to come but its definitely gonna be a tradition for years to come! Here is where we are going!
I know this doesn’t involve Chicagoland but this is a Chicagoan weekend away destination so it counts.  So last year we took a weekend across the lake to Michigan and had an amazing time on the beach, walking in the woods and of course apple picking.  It’s actually the border of Indiana and Michigan, but its definitely worth checking out!  They have apples for days and at great prices.  It just too fun not to do! Here is the Williams Orchard, so good!
If you have any additional traditions and events let me know!  I’d love to hear about them!

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