7 of Our Most Popular Upholstery Fabrics


We handpick all of the fabric samples that we display here at MegMade. I always say, I can’t sell what I don’t love! It’s important to me that our customers don’t feel overwhelmed by the process of customizing a piece, whether it be a dresser or an upholstered chair. Too many options can be a bad thing! I want to give our customers options, but limit them to ones that I think will look great. There are some fabrics that our customers gravitate to more than others and so we thought it might be helpful to share those with you! There is a reason they are so popular…each one is gorgeous!

Schumacher, Chang Mai Dragon: Alabaster


This fabric definitely makes a statement. If you’re looking to do something really unique and fun, this fabric can be a great choice. We’ve had people use this fabric for basic seats on dining chairs because they can easily be changed out later. It can be easier to make a bold choice if you know that ten years later you can easily change it up again. Then again, I think this fabric would look amazing on a wingback chair too!

AST, 4349: Coffee

This fabric is really classic. The rich medium brown is very neutral, pairing well with warmer or cooler colors. It is a great fabric for people with a vintage style or a classic, preppier home.

Villa Nova, Hana Weave Koji 


The Hana Weave is a very durable fabric and comes in many different colors. This is great for a couch or ottoman that you need to be stain resistant and tough! With a larger sampling, you can see that the fabric has a check pattern. It’s a little abstracted, but really beautiful and versatile.

Randolph Alexander, H12478: Brownstone – Taupe

I’m a sucker for animal print, specifically cheetah print. In my opinion, it is totally a neutral! This version is a pretty subtle cheetah print, but has great dimension with the raised design. The velvety feel also make it awesome to touch!

Villanova, Fara Liquorice: Martello


This fabric has been really popular lately. It comes in a few different color combos and has a really great texture. It’s similar to the cheetah print fabric, but with a slightly different design. This pattern is a little more geometric, but can be just as versatile.

TDC, Napoli

People have been waiting on these puppies! We finally got in samples of the Mohair fabrics from TDC. They are amazing. This fabric is like velvet but very stain resistant and durable. It feels amazing and the colors are so rich. I’m so glad to finally have the samples in!

Black Edition, Musa


Similarly, these velvets are teflon coated so you can literally spill red wine on them and it will run right off. They come in many colors, including an amazing chartreuse that I want to use to make some pillows. Like all of these fabrics, you really need to feel it. Feel free to come by and check any of these out in person! We’d love to help you plan a project

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