7 Vintage Nightstand Looks We Love

Is it just me or do a lot of nightstands just sort of…leave something to be desired? Contrary to what you might think, my WHOLE house isn’t vintage. I do buy new pieces too occasionally. I just have a really hard time finding bedside tables that I dig. So if you’re looking for something with some character, consider some of these awesome options!

Image from The Zhush

Painted bamboo furniture has TONS of character. These pieces look good in so many finishes, but I love doing them in a gloss finish to really highlight the bamboo curves. Deciding whether or not to paint side tables in a pop of color or a neutral can be a tricky one. But don’t stress, there are pros and cons to either choice and paint can always be changed later.

Image from Maggies Overby Studios 

This is a great example of colorful nightstands. We can add custom metal bases like this to vintage pieces and it’s a great way to get a totally unique, updated piece that works for your needs. Modern beds are sometimes too high for vintage nightstands, so adding a base or new legs can be a great solution. 

We usually have a few dressers of this style in our inventory. In a room that is big enough, these small dressers make incredible nightstands! I love the mismatched look. When they are about the same size and finished in the same stain or paint color, it can create a super cool, eclectic look in a bedroom.

This is our master bedroom. While I consider my personal style more transitional, we do have a few mid century pieces in our home. When you have the option to change the finish on a piece, you can just wait for something you love and that fits the space and then you know you can make it work! 

Image from Centered by Design 

It can be nice to choose side tables with some open space underneath. It doesn’t give you as much storage, but it does help to lighten the visual weight of a big bed. It’s especially good if you have a cute rug to show off like this one

We refinished this frenchy side table and replaced the hardware with our favorite pulls from Forge Hardware. These are done in Benjamin Moore Polo Blue, which is a favorite around here. Great design by Crystal Blackshaw!

Image from DIY Playbook 

Here’s another version of campaign side tables. These offer more storage and they are so popular that we are beginning to manufacture these so we can always have them in stock! The brass hardware pops so much more once these vintage pieces are painted.

Vintage side tables are the way to go!



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