Adding Height to Vintage Furniture

We often find pieces that could benefit from an extra inch or so in height. Sometimes customers come in and a piece is just what they are looking for, but to make the piece functional in their space, they need to add a little boost. Thankfully, we have come up with a variety of solutions for this problem! Here are some of your options when customizing a piece.

Replacing Legs


One way to add more height is to replace the current legs with longer ones. We usually order legs from Table Legs. They have all different styles and heights and we can stain or paint them to match the piece. You wouldn’t even know that this piece didn’t always have these legs!

Adding Casters

Image from DIY Network

Image from DIY Network

Sometimes if you’re looking to just add an inch or two, we can pop on some cool mini casters to the existing legs. This is a great option for chairs like this or dressers. They’re really cute and add some visual interest along with adding height!

Replacing Base with Legs


Some vintage pieces, especially mid century ones, have a rectangular base like the before version of this piece. For these, we can cut that base off and add legs to the bigger structure. This makes for a more natural look and is easy for us to do!

Adding a Metal Base 



Finally, as discussed previously on the blog, we are now offering custom metal bases. We can do a few different styles, but are mainly doing these two types shown above. We can the two rectangles “ski legs,” and the bottom one a “full base.” These are a premier finish, usually doubling the price of the piece, but are truly stunning. I’m excited to see more pieces with metal bases.

So now you know your options! Let us know if you have any questions or want our opinion

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