All Sorts of Things on Friday

Happy Friday y’all! It has been one AMAZING week! A lot has been going on, but it’s all good things. We’re feeling good, the store is looking good, and I’m ready to dive headfirst into this weekend! Although, it is going to be a busy weekend because we have our Columbus Day weekend sale going on from Saturday to Monday! You have to come in and check it out – 20% Off Finished Floor Pieces, 10% Off Unfinished Floor Pieces, 10% Off Upholstered Goods, 15% Off Accessories — I mean — Incredible! Discount cannot be applied to previous sales. But y’all the take away from this week is that we are living proof that life is not picture perfect! Some weeks are not that great and we are tested, and other weeks are amazing with no complaints, but whatever the case may be – we are here for it, and we are finding joy wherever we can, even if it is teeny tiny. With that being said, it’s time to share our five for the week!


With all that went on last week, we got to end it with the best first birthday for our little Finn! We celebrated with some friends and family, and really just enjoyed being with everyone, and more importantly, enjoyed seeing Finns little face, and hearing his little giggles – instantly brightening up everyone’s day! Happy birthday buddy! We love you so much.


So last week we started with the wallpaper, and this week, we went right in and took a vintage side table, and made it into a bathroom vanity! Listen, redoing or making over any room can be costly, and it’s definitely not for everyone. But there are little inexpensive refreshes that you can do, that actually can completely change the space. So that’s what we’re up to this week. But stay tuned, we’re going to reveal the bathroom in the next two weeks!


Yes! We so did! This week we covered our stairwell’s 18. 5 ft wall at Meg Made with Abe Lincoln wallpaper! I know what you’re probably thinking – what, why? But ya’ll it looks amazing. But we didn’t leave it at just that. We called in the most talented painter, Hannah Ellen, to paint some hot pink magic designs over Lincoln, to create a statement wall that is so unique and has an awesome meaning! The whole thing kind of symbolizes taking a past element (like furniture, decor, etc.) and making it new again! It’s about bringing the past to life y’all, and giving something old, a new look and refresh!


If you’re in the area – take a look at our amazing fall themed windows! We brought in another amazing artist this week, Heather Gentile Collins, who made our windows come to life! But that’s not all – she also worked her magic and added awesome word art over the wallpaper in our store bathroom! Y’all we are doing so many updates to our store – and in the next few weeks, we are going to share them with all of you! But if you cannot wait, and I don’t blame you, come and stop in to check them out yourself!


Yes! Our event with Equilibrium was last night – and it was soooo amazing! We loved getting to meet everyone, taking some time to wind down, and talking about what I love – design, why also de-stressing – because guys, we all need some of that!  It was such a success and really felt so perfect. I can’t wait to do more events like this in the future!

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