All Sorts of Things on Friday

Hey, Y’all, you know when you feel like the week went so fast, and you feel like you just couldn’t stop moving? Well, that was our week! Day after day, something new popped up, and we honestly are so exhausted, and hopefully will get some relaxation this weekend – hopefully. Whatever happened though, it is what it is right? I mean overall the week had many ups, and although there were some “downs”, we’re ready to take this weekend, recoup, and start strong on Monday!


Before I jump into my five for the week, I want to share with you the big party we’re having next Thursday, October 10! It’s time for some Design + Destress! You’re invited to join the women of Equilibria and MegMade for tips on Design and tools to De-stress! We’ll have a panel with leading designers including Meg of MegMade and Julia Buckingham of Buckingham Interiors + Design with tips on how they find balance and inspiration. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about CBD from our innovative co-founder Coco Meers. There will be small bites, bubbly and hand-drawn portraits by Heather Gentile Collins
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Mood-setting by Luft Balloons

All attendees will receive
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1. Finn Turned 1

Our littlest baby turned 1 yesterday! I can’t believe how fast time goes guys. I feel like it was literally just yesterday that he entered into our lives, and as crazy fast, as time goes, Finn, we enjoy every second with you. We love you so much, buddy. You bring us so much joy with those little giggles and smiles, and you instantly brighten up anyone and everyone’s day! Love you buddy! Looking forward to the next milestones this year has to bring!

2. Our Basement Flooded

So, for one of the not so ups I guess you would say, our basement flooded this week! Ugh, guys, the absolute worst. Coming home from a long day to find that our basement had water in it, was literally the icing on the cake – NOT! Luckily, the problem has been fixed, but something we just so didn’t need this week!

3. Brooks Had to go to The ER

My poor Brooks. We had to take him to the ER this week because he’s been having these hip pains, and we’re not sure what’s going on. They were really bothering him the other day, so we took precautions and took him straight to the ER! All the nurses were lovely there, and luckily he laid in momma’s lap while taking a nice nap waiting for some results. Diagnosis is still to be announced, but we’re on top of this, and hopefully will know soon!

4. I Wallpapered our Bathroom

I had plans on wallpapering our Bathroom this week, y’all know how much I love wallpaper, and amongst all the chaos, I still did what I had planned! We’re going with some neutral gray tones in our bathroom, and guys, if you want a quick refresh- wallpaper those walls!

5. I got False Eyelashes!

Yes! Finally! I have been dying for these eyelashes for some time, so I went ahead and did it! There’s nothing like some self-care, or self-indulgence once in awhile. It helps you reset, feel good, and gives you that little bit of motivation to get on going! I went to Moxie Allure on Milwaukee in Chicago! They were amazing!! You need to check them out!



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