We all love a good area rug. They’re not only a beautiful decor element and can be a piece of art in and of itself, but it also provides some awesome functionality aspects. I mean first off, they protect your wooden floors, so that’s always nice, but it adds something extra to the space to make it feel grounded while giving your feet something cozy and comfortable to walk on! Sometimes an area rug is exactly what you need to complete the space! But listen, it can be hard to choose the right size, and because of that, we’re giving you a quick and simple area rug size guide that can help you pick out the newest edition to your decor, and how to place it into the space! The trick of the trade? Always go a little bigger than what you expected! Plus check out our blog about choosing a rug for some rug decor inspo!

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Front Feet on the Rug: If you want the front feet of your furniture should rest on it, choosing a 5 x 7 rug should work well.  A 5 x 7 is definitely perfect for smaller spaced living rooms, as it helps create a cozy and inviting space, without overdoing it.

All Furniture on the Rug: If you want all your furniture to be on the rug choosing an 8 x10 rug or larger, is the way to go. The entirety of the furniture piece should be able to fit on the rug, which is the classic way of styling this size rug. An 8 x 10 rug really helps create a living area space, for a room that may be part of an open floor plan.


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Rectangular Table: If you have a rectangular table, you definitely should stick with a rectangular rug. The most common size for the dining room is an 8 x 10, because it’s so important to have the chairs fit atop it! If your table is smaller or larger than normal, you may need to go with a smaller or bigger size, however, 8 x 10 works for most dining room sets!

Round Table: If you have a round table than you should stick with a round rug. An 8 x 8 round rug is standard for most four-seater tables, however, if you need to go bigger a 10 x 10 round should work well!


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All Furniture on the Rug: Size here all depends on what size your room is! Typically speaking, choosing a rug that is anywhere from 8 inches to 18 inches smaller than the width of the room is ideal. In this scenario, all the furniture will fit on the rug, leaving a space of the bare floor showing around the space. It kind of makes a border feature with the floor.

Only the Bed on the Rug: If you like this look, the first thing to consider is that the rug will not be going all the way to the head of the bed, but starts about one foot away from the head of the bed. An 8 x 10 rug will work perfectly for this setup, however, turning it around so that the longer side is horizontal works perfectly.


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Door Clearance: An entryway rug doesn’t really have many decor rules when it comes to placing furniture however the one rule of thumb is to make sure you have door clearance! You kind of have to see the space, and decide what the rug is going to bring to the space, like whether it’s for comfort, decor, or even functionality when walking in! Depending on what you want for the space, there are all different rugs you can choose and sizes to go with it!

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