Along with entering the new roaring ’20s, it’s only fitting that the art deco is back in style! Y’all you are going to see it everywhere, and in the next few weeks we will ease you into its transition, but for now – we’re going to take y’all on back to the design before our time! It’s hard to imagine interior design before it is what it is right now, but believe it or not, a lot of our trends and aesthetics of today, come from the past! Obviously, here at MegMade we are all about bringing past furniture to life, and its only fitting that we feature some of the most amazing throwback styles, and give you some tips on how to bring them back to life in your home today! And guess what y’all, I bet you already have a bunch of these trends within your home already and you don’t even realize it!


Today, we are all about Art Deco! Art Deco kind of started it all, if you ask me. Popular in the 1920s-1930s, it literally revolutionized the profession of interior design as it allowed the introduction of some glamour and glitz into your home! Because everyone was traveling, and everyone was living their best life – I mean it was the roaring twenties, foreign relics and souvenirs were brought back from places like Paris and Germany, creating the trend of and what is Art Deco. Hollywood was getting its first glimpses of cinema, and the USA at the time was embracing the glamouresque lifestyle in full swing.


One of the most defining trends of Art Deco is that of decorative detailing, bold geometric shapes, symmetry with clean lines and exuberant shapes, and rich colors – all while maintaining the look of glam, glitz, luxury, and order! One defining design trend of this time was that of mirrors & mirror tiles!

Mirrors: Guys, if you haven’t noticed, Mirror trends are SO in right now. The idea of an Art Deco mirror is that it has decorative detailing, with very rounded out shapes, or sharp-lined shapes like diamonds, squares, even a cluster of squares in one, or a sunburst pattern! They were never plain, and if it was a square shape than it had something extra to it that would just scream glam! But it wasn’t only in small mirrors, mirrors were everywhere! The walls were mirrored from ceiling to floor, and mirror tiles would be used to create that look!

Geometric: Geometric design was definitely something of this Art Deco trend. However, it wasn’t only with patterns, but with the actual architecture of your home! In this time, you definitely would have seen clean-lined staircases and columns within the design. If you went into a hotel in the 1920s, you would definitely see a geometric design on the elevator, or on the piano in the lobby, or even on the doors! If you want to look at Art Deco Geometric design at its finest, look up the Chrysler Building in NYC!

Rich Colors: The colors of Art Deco we’re bright and bold, but also darker in color. For instance, it would have deep blue colors, or deep red, yellows, oranges and greens. But the colors were offset by silver, black, and chrome – with the accents and actual materials used for the decor! Walls were of darker shades, and so was the upholstered pieces!



If you look above, literally all those things I mentioned are kind of the trends of today. Funny how we’re approaching the 2020’s and these designs are coming back, right? Everything in design is full circle, and if we’re going to be approaching our own Roaring Twenties, we HAVE to include some of these elements in our homes.

With a very minimal style right now, going in with some elaborately designed mirrors can really bring some character to the space, and even some glam. Try getting a large mirror to place in your entryway,  or a body-length size mirror to add to your bedroom! I feel like going all-in with ceiling to floor mirrors are still kind of a thing of the past, but creating a vignette with mirrors can embrace that design, while still adding to the minimal style of today.

Go in with geometric patterns too! If you’re comfortable with sticking to textiles and material, try some gold patterned wallpaper to your bathroom, or even hang a tapestry from your bedroom. To really add some geometric features, doing an octagon-shaped tile backsplash to your kitchen, would be a great way to incorporate it into today’s design. But if you want to really kick it up a notch, try some architectural elements that are geometric! Try out some geometric lighting, or maybe a geometric bed frame!

Now I think this is the best way to add some Art Deco into your home – go with some bolder colors! We’re all about that here, so hearing about rich navy blue couches, and yellow mustard chairs just seems like the perfect fit. When thinking about color, think about something that makes you feel luxurious! Envision that color, and add it into the space however you choose. Whether it’s doing a dark accent wall or throwing some pillows, or even painting your cabinetry, bold is ALWAYS in, and will look wonderful in the home! Offset these colors with some gold and silver hardware and finishings. There’s something about the gold that truly embodies luxury, and it’s the perfect way to make things feel a bit more glam-like.






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