Sometimes I’m completely blown away by some decor elements. The way a backsplash is set, or the way frames align a wall, or the intricacies that exist within a piece of furniture, honestly, all of these things can be a piece of art in and of itself. There’s so much beauty when it comes to interior design because if you see it like me when you design your home or another’s home, your inner artist comes out and takes over. You’re ready to tell your story, and even if that doesn’t mean by painting, you’re expressing yourself through design and choosing the best material to do so. And everyone’s visions are different, and because of that, every design becomes a unique artistic experience, for that person. The thing with design is that you’re literally taking your most valuable aspects in life like your family, yourself, your beliefs, your feelings, your past, and even your future, embodying an idea and creating a space that embodies all of it. Today, I wanted to do something a bit different, and showcase some unique interiors that I’ve found that embraces the materials to create a statement and a piece of art. 

*featured image by House of Hipsters


There’s something so natural that comes with designing with glass. Whether it’s see-through like a window, or colored like the green tile, using glass gives a very genuine feel to the space, while creating a grounded but mystic aesthetic. Glass is so versatile because it can be incorporated into almost any decor trend and feel. With it’s glossy and reflective sheen, glass is perfect to use in a space that needs some lightning up, or in a place that you want to embrace the natural aspects of the space.


Designing with wood is an awesome way to tone things down. Even the loudest rooms can be toned down with the addition of wood elements. Wood embraces all that is natural and can add character and expression to a room very easily. Because of its porous texture, and its ability to be stained, painted, or even remain raw, wood is a great versatile material to use in any home design.


Upholstery is one of my favorite categories when it comes to interior design. I love all the different fabrics and textiles that are available and love how it instantly can transform a vintage piece or a newer piece, into something completely different. Mixing patterns, and colors are also amazing ways to use fabric to create some interior design art !


Ceramic and tile offer a very similar to vibe to glass and wood, as it kind of brings a grounded and raw element to the room.  Because of the usual matte finish, ceramic and ceramic tile can be used to tone things down and embrace the natural tones and colors of a space, without being too plain or too monotone.




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