My oldest son started school today. 1st grade! I mean, I am so excited for him, but I literally can’t believe it. This summer flew, y’all! But I am SO ready to get back into the swing of things, and we can all agree our kiddos need it too! But although going back to school is definitely a good change, a lot of stress comes with it, for both you and your child. We have to start waking the kiddos up early, getting them dressed, doing homework, studying for tests, after school activities- our lives get even busier than they already are!  But there are some ways that we can ease this stress – and we’re going to share those with you today! We’re going to give you our tips that are full-proof when it comes to keeping organized, keeping things positive, and keeping on keeping on – to try to ease our ways into the school year, while embracing all there is to come! 


Nothing is worse than having a tired kiddo in the morning, or a tired parent, for the first days of school. If you’re child oversleeps or doesn’t want to get up – say hello to the stress, because it will start immediately! Kids need to sleep enough to function properly, and if he or she goes to school tired, chances are they’re going to miss out on a load of information ( that will only fall back on you in the long run) and will feel so drained for the week ahead! But we get it, it’s so hard to get your child back into the school routine, and we don’t want to shock them by waking them up hours earlier for school! To make things easier, start practicing early! I’ve read to start your kids wake up routine two weeks early, to get them used to it and accustomed to it. Nothing is worse than rushing in the morning, so doing this simple step can help you and your kiddos start the day right! 



Besides getting your kids used to the time change of waking up early, try to create a full-proof morning routine. Kids need to get up, brush their teeth, get dressed, have a healthy breakfast, and be either at the bus or in the car at a certain time! Create a routine with your child so that they are aware of what is to come, and you are also prepared. Doing a cute activity board where the routine is set out, also works wonders for kids, as it’s a visual and can even be fun to create! If your kiddo needs some extra motivation, having he or she check off what they have done in the morning, and giving them some positive reinforcement, will help your kid not only feel good but feel accomplished and ready to start the day! A kid who is proud of a job well done is off to change the world! 



To help the whole process of school seem effortless, you NEED to plan what the days are going to look like. Both children and adults do better when they know what’s expected of them, and when they’re list of things to do seems attainable. Pick out a cute and fun planner that both you and your child likes, or even choosing something like a wall calendar, sit down with each other and help create a plan for each day of school that will work best for you. It doesn’t have to be too fancy unless you want it to be, but outlining the day will help your kid succeed, and even help you! Starting the day with the wake-up time, then school time, then homework time, and any after school activities, and then the most important – bedtime, will lay out all the expectations of the day, and help your kids be accountable for how their day turns out! A great lesson for our kiddos to learn if you ask me. 



A student who is goal-oriented will do wonders! I mean when we set goals, we try to work towards them right? A problem with a lot of kids nowadays is that they lack motivation. Guys, school has changed since we’ve gone to school, and with all the technology that’s available, the motivation to learn is kind of lacking. It’s such a good plan to sit down with your kiddos and talk to them about their goals. Not only will this make them feel heard and excited about achieving all that they can, but it will motivate them to work towards something. Creating a goal chart, or some sort of visual where your child’s goal is proudly shown will help keep them motivated and hopefully, help them achieve their goal! Real talk: this works for us adults too! 



 When our kiddos go back to school, I’ll admit it, family time changes! You get to be together all summer, and our children are used to being home with us, that when school comes around, missing our kids is a definite. They miss us, we miss them, and that means, we have to give our kids some good ol’ family time! Whether it’s by settling down and watching a show together, going on an after school walk, eating a family dinner, or even doing homework together- whatever it is, make family time a priority! Nothing is better than some family time to help your children feel grounded, loved, and heard! Ask them about their day at school, and help them along with any bumps or hurdles they encounter. With all the stress and things that pop up daily, knowing that family time is available and the constant of everyday, will help ease the craziness of the school routine! 

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