Having a backyard that feels homey is an essential part of continuing your story outside of the elements of your home. A backyard should not only be functional but welcoming – it should be a place you feel comfortable going to relax on the nicest of days, no matter the season! Listen, there is nothing cozier than having a fire pit and lounging in the yard on a brisk fall day! And having a backyard created purposely for these moments will change everything! People often forget about the decor and the functionality of their yard because the use of the yard is usually dependent on the weather… but it doesn’t have to be like that! Today, we’re giving you some must-have backyard goodness that will take your backyard from a space that isn’t seen to a space that you can’t get enough of!


Seating is a MUST and the most important element of having a backyard space. I mean, if there are no seats, how are you going to relax out there? Creating a set place for block seating is something that will create a roomy feeling, even though its outside. A block seating will give the yard a complete look while creating a space for you, your family and guests to relax. Adding a nice low table or a fire pit in the middle of the block seating will literally create the atmosphere to relax. Besides just the block seating, you will not regret buying some lounge chairs to lounge in after a long day at work!


Every yard needs a space for dining! Whether you love to grill or not, being able to sometimes eat outside is something that not only gives you a change of routine but is actually quite exciting. BBQ’s aside, having space where you can easily dine at will give you the opportunity to spend more time outside, enjoying your space. And bonus points, eating outside means less of a cleanup… am I right?


Now if you’re all about spending long days in the yard, you need to have a space for some shade! Having plenty of umbrella shade or using sun shades that go across the tops of your yard, is a great option for smaller yards to cover up and cool down. Canopies and shaded pergolas are also a great option if you have the extra space.


If you have the seating and the dining, you must have lighting! Lighting will literally set the mood and tone of your yard, and can instantly turn your yard into a cozy space. There is nothing better than being outside when the sun is setting and it’s dark outside and having the soft glow of lights light up the space just enough around you. Either by weaving string lights across the yard or by adding some outdoor fixtures or pathway lighting, you can give the space a complete mood change when the night hits!


Guys, landscaping it like the pillows and curtains in your living room – it completes the space! Depending on what type of ground you have in your yard, it is so necessary to keep your landscape up to par and looking fresh. Nothing is worse than having a yard that is overgrown by grass and weeds – leaving you no chance of enjoying the space without having to clean it up. The whole idea about a yard is that it should be effortless and set up for you to enjoy, so landscaping is something that needs to be maintained! If you have a deck or pavers in the yard, adding some big planters that outline the perimeter, can be a great option for some finishing touches. If planters aren’t your thing, creating a garden or adding some hanging basket flowers that match your decor are fun ways to brighten up the space.


What it comes down to is that you should enjoy your yard – but you have to set it up to be enjoyed in the first place. Guys, nothing is better than giving yourself time to relax and because the yard isn’t always used, it is the perfect place to set up your outdoor oasis!

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