Beauty from ashes

A little over eight years ago was the first time I grabbed a paintbrush. It was 2012 and I was pregnant with Wells and sadly a contractor had just walked with all of our money. We had a dream of a perfect nursery, but no money to make it a reality. That seems to be how all good dreams begin! Thank goodness, our neighbor was getting rid of a dresser! After deciding to paint it white and a few hours of sweat, we were on our way! A few days/weeks later,  Joe’s brother offered us their crib, which we proceeded to paint gray. “Hey, we are pretty okay at this,” we thought.

(sorry best we have of the painted crib…haha)

After a short while, we decided we wanted a bigger dresser for the makeshift nursery. And by “makeshift nursery”, we mean our dining room with curtains separating it from the kitchen. We decided to sell the original masterpiece (I kid, looking back it was pretty bad) on Craigslist. That started the addiction to seeing dated pieces of furniture made new.

It would be an understatement to say it was a tough year, but beauty came from ashes, and had we not gone through that difficult time, we would not have MegMade today.

I got to be real, it is a strange feeling celebrating our two-year anniversary in our current location during quarantine. Never did we think when we picked up a paint brush and watched a YouTube video on how to paint a dresser that we would have a 9,000 square foot store in the heart of Chicago. Yet, here we are. The last several weeks have given me many emotions – fear, anger, frustration and gratitude. Honestly, the first three filled more days than I would like to admit. One day I just let myself sit in those feelings. And then the next day I decided, no more. I hated the feeling. I am a bottomless optimist and I had slipped. So instead, as I am accustomed to, I took a long walk and I turned my focus towards what I am grateful for. That small shift brought me instant tears of gratitude that we will make it through this terrible time when so many small businesses will not.

Thank you to our customers and followers who have been loyal over the years. We are in this together. Let’s make beauty out of the ashes that we are all feeling during these difficult days.

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