Before and After: Cerusing

We’ve been talking a LOT about cerusing lately. It’s one of our favorite new finishes we are offering as part of our premiere line. We just finished another one of these great transformations and are excited to share it. Above is what this small dresser looked like when we got it.

We knew it had potential to be great- it’s a very functional size and has a good structure. A customer came in and saw the last piece we had cerused and wanted something similar so we built a similar custom base for this dresser.

The process of cerusing, as we recently taught in an Amy Howard Techniques class, starts with stain. We stain the piece and then apply a lime wax that clings to the grain. This works well on pieces that naturally have an open grain, but can be done on pieces like this one too. We actually added a layer of veneer to this in order to have a more distinct grain on the drawers and top.


Overall, we are thrilled with how it turned out. We have had a lot of people inquiring about this finish, so hopefully we will be doing it a lot more. I love seeing the incredible transformations!

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