It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus! Right? Guys, Halloween is almost here! EEEK! I am so pumped y’all. Halloween is just one of my favorite holidays. I mean the movies, the candy, the decorations, the costumes…. I can literally go on and on. I feel like Halloween is that one time a year where everyone can be a kid again. You can go to parties, dress up, and we all know, taking the kiddos trick or treating means extra candy for momma. Either way,  It can easily be one of the most fun time of the years and being that it’s the last day of September – it’s time to start decorating for one of the liveliest (ironically) nights of the year – and we got the best decorations for you to use! Mwahahaha.

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The Halloween Trends

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Guys, this year’s Halloween trends seem to be embracing the past and going with classic decor Halloween styles. Pumpkins, ghosts, witches, bats, skeletons – you’re going to see it all out there, and it’s all bringing it back to the classic orange, black, purple and green colors! But you will also see them in neon a lot this year too! Besides the classics, Hocus Pocus, well which kind of is a classic, is in full swing for decor, plus you’re going to see a lot of fortune teller and the gothic looks popping up, as it seems to be a popular trend both in decor and costume. Inflatables, lights, stakes, and window decor are some things that you’re going to see a lot of! Plus, the vintage blow mold decor is going to be big too – if you can find some of those, that would be the ultimate Halloween treat!


Inflatables are big this year – but not like the typical ones that you’re used to seeing! This year, a lot of the inflatables are either super eccentric with a gothic theme, or they are super classic with the basic Halloween colors, almost looking like the vintage blow mold ones that we all grew up with and LOVED!


Source: Farm Food Family

This year we’re still using those amazing projectors that have shown up in the last few years. We’re also going in with tones of orange and purple string lights, plus, lights that have designs and garland hanging!  Besides this, light up Halloween statues is a must!


There’s something so nice about some stake decor! I can’t put my finger on it, but I think it just brings me back to a time where things were more simple, and decorations were simple too! Stake decor is great because it can be the element that finishes or completed the outdoor space. They are small and usually thin, so they fit into those spots that just need that extra something to help make it look more aesthetically pleasing, or to add some dimension with height and width.


Source: Country Living

One of my favorite decor elements for Halloween is the paper decorations you put on your front window! I love to decorate my window because I feel like it just kind of makes all the decorations connect and kind of brings a cozy lived-in vibe to the decorations… if that makes sense! Decorating the window is the first step to bringing the decor items inside, and although that blog will be soon coming, it’s a nice start to bring the Halloween vibe to the space!


Source: Garden- Landscaping

Besides the very popular wood signs that stand on your front porch, the wood decor has become the new thing! Finding silhouettes of some of your favorite Halloween characters, are totally in and look amazing on your front lawn! Wood signs are fun because they’re easy to use, and look great no matter the vibe you’re going with! They bring a rustic vibe, while also bring a very classic and vintage look as well.

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