PSA: HALLOWEEN IS A WEEK AWAY! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Time is flying on by y’all and is it me or has this month just flew? I mean, I feel like I haven’t even caught my breath because there has been so much going on! I just need a night to lay low and spend time with the kiddos. If you’re feeling like me, and feel like it’s about time to get into the Halloween spirit, put on your favorite Halloween movie, grab a seat at the table with the kiddos – and have yourself a very merry pumpkin painting night (Whoops wrong holiday, but expect some Christmas blogs to pop up sooner than you even realized). Anyways, yes painting pumpkins – who has time for that clean up from carving? Not this momma! Today we’re showcasing some of the best pumpkin painting trends we’ve seen this here – and hint, it’s all about the disguise. 


Before we share some of those pumpkins, let’s start with the basics. You need a few paintbrushes, and go in with some acrylic paints! If you’re assisting the kiddos with the painting, go ahead and use spray paint, and some stencils, and you will get some amazing results. On top of the basic paints, choosing some puff paint, and glow in the dark paint can be fun options too. My fav colors to paint on a pumpkin? Black, White, Green, Red, and Purple – but of course, the options are endless! Also, if you want those pumpkins to last extra long, go in with a sealer, but definitely not necessary.


Make sure you pick a really good smoothed surface pumpkin – those will work the best. Next, clean the pumpkin with a damp towel, and then dry it off after. Make sure there’s no water residue left on the pumpkin because it can make the paint smear or drip. Next, choose your design and materials. Last, although not necessary, go in with your sealer.


Now it’s the best part. Look at some of these amazing pumpkins for some painting inspiration! I thought these were just too cute, and they all match this year’s trend!

Source: Yahoo

These mini pumpkins, almost look like real doughnuts! It’s hard to even tell their pumpkins at first glance!

Source: Lady Decluttered

Poison apple anyone? This take on an apple, with a skull on it will definitely be all the talk amongst the pumpkin painters this year!

Source: Good House Keeping 

These pumpkins are just my favorite. I love a classic Jack O’ Lantern look, because they just really showcase some Halloween spirit!

Source: Ac Moore

Is this not the cutest pumpkin you’ve ever seen? This little fox, is all ready to take on this season! Just look at that face and that adorable floral/berry crown!

Source: Four Generations One Roof 

Are those Easter eggs, or pumpkins? You know how much we love a pop of color here at Meg Made – and these pumpkins are giving us some pastel amazingness!

Source: Pinterest 

THIS IS IT! This is the winner in my book! How amazing are these spa day pumpkins? Aren’t they just adorable? And don’t you wish you had some time for a good spa day?

Source: Pinterest

So it’s clear to me that this year’s trend is kind of just disguising a pumpkin as another object! Whatever it is, I’m here for it! Look at these extra cute succulent pumpkins! Succulents are so in, it only makes sense to make our pumpkins look like them!

Source: Pinterest

Last but not least, I could not pass up this Pumpkin spice latte pumpkin! It’s just too good to not share with y’all. I like it a latte, what do you think?

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