Blogger in Focus: Amelia Canham Eaton

Today, our #wcw goes out to Amelia of The CHICago Life Blog! Amelia has an amazing lifestyle blog, if you’re not already aware. She is also an interior designer, so we get to work with her a lot. I have also had the priviledge of becoming good friends with Amelia. She is one of the funniest people I know! Today, I wanted to share some of our favorite photos from shoots we’ve done with Amelia. 2016-10-20_0001We refinished this dresser for her son Connor’s nursery. I love the contrast between the white walls and furniture and the dark espresso wood floors. Her apartment is all glam. They have high ceilings and great views. I love that this nursery feels warm and playful, even with a mostly-white palette. Sometimes all white rooms can feel sterile or fragile, but the toys and art in Connor’s room give it a relaxed feel. Nothing can be too fragile with a baby crawling around!2016-10-20_0002

I can see this room easily growing as Connor does. Once you replace the crib with a bed and add in some new decorations, this room can easily transform. When you decorate your first child’s nursery, it can be SO tempting to go for the cutesy wallpaper or wall color. And if you don’t mind changing it in a few years, than go for it! For me, I know I really wanted to make choices that I wouldn’t have completely ditch in a few years. This room reminds of something from a Restoration Hardware catalog. It is timeless!
2016-10-20_0003The rest of Amelia’s home is just as charming as the nursery. It doesn’t feel cluttered, and yet, there is so much visual interest in each piece she chose to put in the space. I love the live edge coffee tables! Those are amazing! 2016-10-20_0004

Lots of white in this space, and yet, nothing about this space is boring. The contrast in the kitchen with the dark cabinets keeps things interesting in this half of the space. Amelia is great at playing with textures. I love the furry throw in the breakfast nook juxtaposed with the wire frame chair. For every round thing there is something straight. For every cold piece, there is something warm. It is expertly balanced. 2016-10-20_0005

To give you a look at some of what Amelia features on her blog, we adding in some of her style shots! I absolutely love these looks! Read about them here and here.

Amelia has amazing style, but she is also a dear friend and I’m lucky to know her!

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