Buffet Style


This week’s transformation has to be one of our most dramatic, by far! We took this buffet, gave it some legs, and it literally gave it a 180-degree transformation! Before the piece looked dated, dull, and sad, and now, with its new coat of paint and it’s gold hardware and base to match, WOW! Literally like a different piece, and it’s thriving in its new look!


We love the intricate detailing on this piece. Although it’s hard to see in its original look, the edging on the drawers and on the cabinet is just so amazing, and so feminine! The hardware is out of this world, and so unique. Plus, we love this piece because it is so transitional, and could look literally amazing wherever you decide to use it! Whether it’s in a dining room, a living room as a tv stand, in an office, or even if you have space in your bedroom – this piece is just the perfect balance of vintage and modern!


We chose blush because this piece has super feminine attributes, but has the edginess to look good in any space and in any color. The blush isn’t too pink and can almost look creamy and beige, and because of that it is good shade to mix with those neutrals and taupes in a space, especially helping to give the space a warmer vibe, or if you want a slight pop of color! Also, the blush just compliments these gold tones so wonderfully, and really gives and brings light to the detailing and design of this piece overall.  In this blush, this piece looks modern, fresh, and inviting!


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