By Alex Scali on 2019-08-27


So this week we’re all about showing you some transformation goodness! Why? Because it’s Transformation Tuesday here at MegMade, and guess what guys? We’re going to be showing you some transformations every Tuesday from here on out! Can you say ah-mazing? Check back every Tuesday to see us bring life to a vintage piece of furniture, and maybe even a few surprises here and there too! This week we’re all about this STUNNING Bow Tie Dresser.


This dresser is literally one of a kind – we have never seen anything like this before we got it, and after we transformed it. The Bow Tie hardware was just too good, so we had to put some life back into this piece while enhancing those bow ties. PLUS – this awesome piece came with two AMAZING side pieces, that we also transformed. The bow ties bring a very feminine and sweet vibe to the space, which is PERFECT for a little girl’s room, or even as an accent in a master bedroom!


From a dull, aged beige color, to the brightest white – this piece came out so beautiful, and is so versatile! This piece had such a unique look, that we wanted to keep the elegance and beauty that it came with, while just enhancing its past story. If we went to bold with the color, it may have taken away from the character and sweetness that piece brings to a space. Going with glossy white, just kind of felt right for this dresser. It brightened the piece up, but also kept it grounded while maintaining the feel of a vintage vibe.

We LOVE how this piece turned out, what do y’all think? Comment below and let us know what you think!



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