By Alex Scali on 2019-12-10

Happy Transformation Tuesday Y’all!

This week we’re bringing you some hot pink goodness, with this amazing before + after of this pink cabinet! Y’all this piece was a good one, it’s unique carvings, and design elements make this piece the perfect mix of vintage + unique  – the perfect match if you ask me.


This piece is one of those pieces that you can’t always find an exact copy of. It’s unique to itself and so unique that it’s hardware, window design, and legs NEEDED to be kept original. There was the minimal restoration of the actual piece that needed to be done, and although we love a good complete makeover, these pieces that can be kept as-is are literally amazing! They are just that extra special, as they tell a true story.


This piece though was definitely missing some life and some pep in its step – so with this hot pink transition, this piece regained it’s an original fiery attitude that it was missing. I mean, what other color can be the complete opposite from a dull brown? Since this piece did have minimal structural changes, we wanted to go big with its color choice! With his bright, hot-toned pink, this piece is perfect for any accent, or even in a little girl’s room – as it enhances the piece’s already very feminine, and strong, attributes.

MegMade Before + After – Pink Cabinet

So this is probably the most adorable piece we've ever done! We lacquerd this pink and it's in a little girls room! I love this sooooo much! Enjoy!

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