By Alex Scali on 2020-01-14


Happy Transformation Tuesday, Y’all! – Today, we’re showing you this simply INCREDIBLE green, high gloss buffet! I mean – look at that color. With this piece, we sure went bold, because sometimes that’s all it takes to make a piece instantly transform! And y’all – do I have even have to tell you how AMAZING this hardware is? It’s vintage, chic, but so modern, bringing this piece some luxury, so good accents. This piece really just looked dated before. Although beautiful, especially because of the detailing on the doors, the piece was just missing that volume – that vibrancy that this amazing green gave. And going green- you HAVE to add that high gloss, to make it shine, as the perfect accent in a room!

MegMade Before + After – Green Gloss Buffet

This buffet looks INCREDIBLE! It is the perfect statement color and piece for that special space! Let us know what you think!

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