Charity of the Month: Naomi’s House

Naomi’s House is a truly incredible organization, and were are delighted that we can help them in their mission to provide lifelong hope and healing through long-term, residential comprehensive care for women who have suffered sexual exploitation by providing furniture for their new home. Naomi’s House is on schedule to open a new home this year to provide hope and healing for women who have been victims of sexual exploitation.


At Naomi’s house, women receive support in the form of therapy, mentoring, coaching, and teaching as they learn new tools for life.


Did you know that each year as many as 24,000 women and girls are being sexually exploited in Chicago? I certainly did not know the number was so high. This organization is meeting an extremely important need in the Chicagoland area. The new house on the west side will house 5-10 women at a time, and we hope that providing them with quality furniture will help them to feel loved and at home.


If you’d like to read more about Naomi’s House, visit their site here.


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