Choosing a Rug: Which is Right For You?

Guys, the debate over rug or hardwood floors, has been going on forever ! And what it comes down to is, it’s really just a personal choice.  Today, we’re going to focus on the perks of having a rug, and some of the most common rug types. Wednesday, we’ll focus on  hardwood, so make sure to come on back to settle the debate! Here’s the thing, both a rug and a hardwood choice, can make your home look amazing and both have their perks! It all depends on what you want, and how and where you use them. Of course, the trends and styles of design change often, but there are  ways to keep your rugs up to date, looking clean, and options to choose for either style, that are durable!


If you’re going with a rug, wool is definitely one of the rugs with the best fibers, and such a great option for high- traffic areas. Believe it or not, a lower quality wool rug, will surpass the life span of a great quality synthetic! Wool rugs are super easy to clean, and super long lasting. They hold up really well, and if you have the kiddos running around, they are the perfect fit. Not only do they feel super comfy on your feet, theres tons of different styles that you can choose from. Plus, wool is also naturally stain and water-resistant because of the natural oils that exist in the yarn. Can it get any better? There’s a whole bunch of different wool techniques too, like hand-knotted, hand-tufted, hand-loomed and machine-loomed. And they bring a coziness to the room.

Source : Bria Hammel Interiors


If you’re looking for a natural vibe, without breaking the bank – cotton is the way to go. Cotton gives a very sleek look to any decor. Cotton is commonly used in kitchens, kid’s room and casual spaces, because of the natural feeling it brings to the space. Cotton rugs are definitely the option if you want to add an accent rug into your home! There’s also a ton of different designs and patterns out there, so you can change it every time you get some new design inspo! Cotton is also a very strong material, that will hold up well. 


Synthetic is definitely the best financial option when looking for a rug. And believe me, there are definitely a lot of good ones out there! If you’re looking for something a bit more basic, and not so luxurious, synthetic is right for you. Synthetic rugs are made of man made fibers, like nylon, and polypropylene. They’re super easy to clean and very family friendly. Some synthetic rugs can even be used outdoors and they can be used in a more damp environment, such as in basements, kitchens, bathrooms, or where there is water. And because they are usually not as costly, they’re a viable option if you want to switch out or change your rugs every so often.

Source: Old Brand New


Silk rugs are very luxurious and are especially soft, with a sheen look to them. Silk rugs have very fine details (even finer than wool) but can be just as soft, or even softer. I wouldn’t recommend silk rugs in high traffic areas, because they require professional cleaning and can possibly show some foot prints! But, they do look beautiful as an accent in a bedroom or in a den. On the plus side though, they are extremely strong and stretchy – which is a rug maker’s dream. They have a high pull strength, so they don’t get bent out of shape as easier as other rugs can.

Source:The Knotted Loom


If you thought there were a lot of materials out there, well you’re not going to imagine the amount of  constructive methods that are used to create a rug! You can choose a tufted rug, created without knots, hooked rugs, where the yarn loops stay together, flat-weaves, which do not have any sort of looming, hand-knotted rugs, which the material is tied in individual knots or a power loomed or digitally printed rug, which are created by a machine! Guys, there are so many different options to choose from, you just have to think about the look you’re going for, and I promise, you can find a rug to match that style! Plus, many of the materials of the rugs, can be constructed with these methods.


Living rooms and bedrooms are the two places to pay extra attention to! Why? Because, a rug or carpet can literally transform these spaces into a warm and cozy atmosphere – bringing  purpose to the space. High-pile rugs (1/4 inch thick or higher) are great for these spaces! This is where you can get creative and add in those hand-woven, hooked, and plush rugs! When adding it to these rooms, and if it’s an accent and not a carpet, a helpful tip would be to make sure to take note of all the main furniture pieces in the space – the rug should be big enough to fit under all pieces , giving the room the final touch.

Source: Talk Decor


When choosing a rug, think about where it’s going, and if it’s going to be an area rug, or carpet for the entire room! If you’re looking for an accent in a kitchen, entryway ,dining or mudroom, going with a rug with a flat surface would be the best option. These areas tend to be high-traffic, so its important to pick a rug thats going to withstand. Typically using a flat-weave or low pile rug  (which is less than 1/4 inch thick) would work in this space. Also, a great idea would be choosing a rug with a pattern, because, listen we know stains and spills are going to happen, and because of that, a pattern rug can help blend any imperfections.

*Check back on Wednesday for the perks of hardwood! 

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