So, guys, it’s already a few weeks into 2020, and we haven’t discussed our favorite thing?! COLOR! Y’all there are a bunch of colors that you are going to see POP into 2020, and I cannot wait to embrace them all in our design, and homes. From the lightest, creamiest whites, to dusty blues – this year is all about embracing sensational shades that come from nature – and we’re not just talking the colors in your garden! Look at the sky at sunset, the deep shades of the ocean, and even the vibrancy of colors from within the volcanos – we’re talking EMBRACING ALL that is nature, and the most amazing, surreal colors that we get to see by just looking at the world around us! And although simply done, these colors are going to bring a powerful message to the space.


So when we’re talking about pops of color this year – this is it! Vibrant reds, lavenders, and remember what we would call “hot pink” a few years ago – well yes, that’s back! We love these warm-toned, and some cool-toned hues because they bring so much vibrancy and pop easily, without overdoing it in the room. All you need is a piece of furniture in this tone, or maybe even some decor elements like with some wall art – to ease your way into this color scheme.


Although ombre was huge a few years ago, we’re going to see a lot of shade this year, but not necessarily together like the ombre. We’re playing with different hues of the same color, like rich, baby blues, and all the way to dusty, deep navy – all in one place! Different shades of greens, oranges, and blues, are so natural to see in the environment – and that’s why we’re embracing it this year! Say goodbye to monochromatic homes – and say hello to the whole color wheel. Playing with shades gives you the advantage of adding contrast, and depth into a space with as simple as color!


Green is going to really take over this year, as the natural garden green tones are so in! From hunter green to gray-green, to emerald green, to even bronze green – green is going to be sneaking its way into almost every color, and if it’s not direct, it’s going to be its undertone!


Much like the sun, these yellow-toned colors are shining bright this year! It’s easy to say that gold is going to be the accent color of the year. We’re turning away from silver and black hardware, and leaning into gold wherever it fits. Gold brings elegance and a vibrancy without having to work too hard. But also, it completely can change the look of a piece of furniture or room, because it’s unexpected, and because it’s shiny – reflects the light beautifully! Yellow and orange, are also in because it’s a shade of gold, or maybe gold is a shade of yellow and orange, but either way, you’re going to see a lot of yellow and orange textiles and features in the next year!


Saturated colors are definitely part of this vibrant trend, but rather than being an accent, saturated blues are going to take on a space in full. Blue, being both from the sky and the ocean, are taking on all shades, of all hues, but all being saturated. From baby blue, aquas, classic blue, dusky blue, and even black blues, blue is going to be everywhere! In your textiles, to your walls, to your decor elements – blue is taking over.


With all this excitement in color, we can’t forget that we’re going to have some moody days too! Moody hues are also going to be in, and by moody, we mean dusty-toned shades. Whether light or dark, if you’re choosing a bright color, tone it down with some dusty gray-over-tones, and that’s how you get moody! From pastel to the darkest colors, giving it a moody vibe will surely scream 2020!

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