Construction Update

Someone asked me the other day how I manage the craziness of construction, building a new website, owning a business, being pregnant and being a wife/mom. To be honest, it hadn’t truly dawned on me how much we have going on until she mentioned it. I guess when there is lots going on, I just ride the coattails of excitement and progress! But now that I think about it, it is a lot and I am tired. So after I write this blog post and go to my sons T-Ball game, I am going to pass the heck out!

Oh Construction

The building was in pretty good shape before we moved in for a HVAC office, but it definitely needed a facelift to become a store. We were so excited by the location and the bones that we gladly signed the line, making it our own. Quickly we got to work painting the interior walls and finishing whatever HAD to get done in order for it to be move in ready. Originally, we were going to stay in our previous location while the new place was under construction, but our landlords rented it super quick, so out we go and into a mess. But it is ok, it is our mess and we get to do with it as we please!

Here is the before of the building.

Our plans include:

  • Widening the back staircase by 3 feet so that it is easy for us to get pieces up and down the stairs. Included taking out one of the 2 back garage doors
  • Take out disgusting bathroom and move it to the other side of the building.
  • Take out interior wall right inside front door and push it back to go across the entire first floor, allowing for more showroom.
  • Remove part of front staircase so that it is more open.
  • Remove the 80s square windows and replace with a large window
  • Add a large storefront window on the single story side of the building.
  • Paint the building white
  • Add a mural
  • Add branding (has to be phase 2 as need city approval)

So far the building has been painted white, the walls in the front have been put down and new ones up and the back stairs have been completed! Starting Friday they are taking down brick from the exterior for the windows and next week the mural starts! Yay for progress.

Here is a sneak peek at what has happened so far:

Back stairs have been opened up and widened. It makes me giddy every time I see them even though they still need work.

This is the back drop to the store window that is going in. We are super excited about the wallpaper going on this wall and the velvet green sofa going in the window. EEEEKKK!

The window will span from the black door on the far left all the way to the end of the cinder blocks on the right. HUGEMONGOUS! We have some serious work to do here!

There used to be a wall 2 feet away from the front door when you walked in and popcorn push up ceilings. Opening it up has already made a huge difference even though it is super messy right now.

This is what it currently looks like when you walk in the front door. It will be taped and mudded and then painted soon and we will decorate it superbly!

And the grand finale, I love love love what the building looks like painted, so much better.

Very excited for whats to come! Once it is all finished we will throw a huge party! What do you think, like it so far?

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