Cornelia Master Bedroom Reveal

Can I get a woot woot, we finally have a room done! I kind of felt like this whole process was going to go SOO much faster, but it sure didn’t. It turns out designing your own house can be really hard. I know I sound trite and that everyone says that, but it is sooo true.

With all that said, I am so excited with how our master bedroom turned out. It is a far cry away from what I originally envisioned, but after many revisions I think it’s perfect. It is our style and I love it. It is welcoming, comfortable and styled. I promise, as with all rooms in every house I’ve lived in over the last years that it will change dramatically, but for now, this moment, I am in love.

Here is where it started. It was a very pale yellow and had little character. We lived in it for a minute to decide whether we wanted to go dark or stay light.We had to decide on a paint color pretty quick to keep up with a deadline for Yellow Brick Home. We partnered with them on a reveal for Lowes, Bali Blinds and Olympic Paint for our bedroom here, which is why it is the first one finished. She nudged us to go dramatic and I am always game for dramatic, so we went with Midnight Clover from Olympic. Jack Jack clearly loved our choice. Now that the walls were dark, we decided to go pretty light with everything else. We chose white bedding, a light natural rug, wood toned furniture and  natural shades. We chose to go with natural, black out roman blinds from Bali that are cordless. We are so obsessed with these, we may just put them in the rest of our house.We found this modular at a resale shop and fell in love with it. It is a bit of an awkward space as it is super long and the window goes low. We would have either done a bench all of the way across with pull out bins underneath or a long dresser. We obviously went with a long modular this time around. I love the vignettes of our two boys on either side with the blush mattes and brass bamboo frames.

  I say it is our bedroom, but let’s be real, our kids take it over, along with the rest of our house. And might I say, that is just fine by me.

We will be turning this into a video reveal soon, so stay tuned!

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